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About The Course

This online course was developed to educate rental boat agencies of their responsibilities and obligations when renting boats to customers by employing an innovative, interactive and non-regulatory approach to educate several thousand of rental agencies about the best practices of successful rental boat agencies to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their clients. It is designed to:

  • motivate rental boat agencies to review their operations and to adopt these best practices or strengthen existing ones in an effort to meet client expectations for safety and customer satisfaction
  • provide rental companies with current tools and information they can use to enhance client safety and satisfaction, through well-prepared rental boat clients on the water, who know how to operate their rented boat safely, have been well-briefed on the local navigation points, conditions, and hazards, and know what to do and how to help in an emergency
  • educate potential rental clients about their responsibilities when renting a boat and what they should expect from their rental boat agent before, during and after their rental to ensure a safe, enjoyable rental experience; and
  • build good working relationships with rental boat agencies to advance boating safety

This course takes about an hour and is divided into a twelve short modules. When you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that can be displayed in your place of business, your website and also your social media platforms.